"My Homies"

We met each other on a short notice and from then on we knew a friendship like this would never end. My sisters, Ashley J. Morris, (who is my twin) and Kristie L. Morris and Me Amanda M. Morris moved to Marin City, CA in 1991 and always saw our soon to be friends Keshia S. K. Thompson, Luz B. Caramonica and Lizaray Perez (who are cousins) around but never talked.

We met Keshia the first day of school. She was very shy but really nice. Keshia was my kid sisters bestfriend until she came in my class and we just fell into being best buddies. We did everything toghether including liking the same people and acted alike.

One day when my sisters and I were playing outside with our skip-its Luz came over and took them from us and ran away. We got them back and never talked again.

In May of 1998 I went to a school track meet and started talking where I met our other two closets friends Shante B. Cook and Latoya Black. Shante has been living in Marin City for about as long as we have but we never talked. Latoya just moved from South Central L.A. a few months ago.

I started talking to Shante at the track meet because we were working together and she seemed really nice to kick it with her bestfriend Lizaray came over and we all started talking and checking out folks. They seemed really nice so we hung out the whole day.

Luz ran by me a few times and then she stopped and talked to me about her running scores and that really kicked off our whole friendship. Luz and I started hanging out a lot and she started coming over our house and calling us.

Summer 98' came and Luz and Lizaray came over every morning to kick it with us. We didn't really have anything to do because it was so hot outside. We sat on our swing and talked about boys and painted our nails and wrote letters to eachother. Then it came our last day of summer slacking and chillin' because we all had to go to summer school the next day.

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That next morning we all woke up at 6:00 a.m. and got dressed and walked to the bus stop. That's where I really got to know Latoya and Shante better. Latoya is in my class and we just crack up and make jokes all the time. Shante always has something to say about my clothes but is really cool to hang with. Me and Latoya like everything the same now and get along the best out of all the other peeps. Keshia is now Ashley's bestfriend but we always catch up on the latest things on the phone. We are all happy to been in High School. We walk down the halls thinking we are off da' hook, all of us short and everyone yells "frehsmens" and we say "Ballas" We been kickin it since the day we met and don't plan to break that up till the cross-roads!


Shante Desiree Cook A.K.A. Tae-baby 15 years old lives in Marin City and has 1 brother named Ronald Cook,19 and lives with her mom Rita Cook and step-dad. She is black,has deep brown eyes, short black hair and is 5'4'. She has a very good sense of humor and loves tweety.


Ashley Joanna Morris A.K.A Ash-Ballz 14 years old lives in Marin City with our Foster mom, Royce McLemore and her two other sisters Amanda and Kristie. She has blonde straight medium lengt hair wild blue eyes, freckles, and is 5'3'.She is the smartest one out of our clic. Even though she's smart don't mistake her kindness for weakness. she love Taz

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Amanda Marie Morris A.K.A. "Willow" 14 years old lives in Marin City with her two sisters Ashley and Kristie and our Foster mom, Royce McLemore. She is white 5'1' has blond long straight hair wild hazel eyes, and has freckles. She is sometimes described as "daria" the t.v. show because she is very sarcastic. She is shy but when it comes to push she will shove. Keshia and Latoya are my two best friends in the world we r Roaddogs! She believes she is "living large taking charge boyoow! I love Taz u-know


Luz Brittney Caramonica A.K.A. Bonez 14 years old lives in Marin City with her mom Nancy and brother Tito:) She is hispanic and has a little bit of freckles, wild green eyes has short straight blond hair, and wears glasses but most of the time contact lenses. She loves to laugh, dance and hug people. She loves tweety!


Keshia Sara Knight Thompson A.K.A Kesh-dog 13 years old lives in Marin City with her mom and dad and three sisters Kennisha, Kenya and Kayla. She is black, has dark brown hair that is shoulder length, deep brown eyes, is 5'5', and very funny.


Latoya Black A.K.A. Tee 14 years old lives in Marin City with her mom, step dad, two sisters and younger brother. She is black has long brown hair, big brown eyes and is 5'4'. She loves dancing and like me love $TAZ$ u go girl


Kristie Lee Morris A.K.A. K.i.d./Crazy 13 years old lives in Marin City with her two sisters and our Foster mom, Royce McLemore. She is white has long blond hair blue eyes, freckles, and is 5'2'. She is also know as the bold one We call her crazy. She is a little dare devil and will do anything you tell her to do. She love tweety too!

Me n my kid sister....

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Lizaray Perez A.K.A. Liza Bear 14 years old lives in Marin City with her mom, three brothers,and step dad. She is 5'1' has long long light brown hair, brown eyes and has a little freckles. She is the one with the little attitude. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Lizaray moved away this summer '98 to Clear Lake and the rest of our clic Y.T.S $$Young True Savages$$ got to where? T-HIGH BABY!

I also have to new twin friends Claudine n Alexis if you go to my twin sisters webpage u can see their pics n get to know them better